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Solar Suitability
- How suitable is the climate in the country for solar electricity


Aug 26th 2016Egypt is well suited for solar energy installations, we have 355 days of sunny weather though out most of the country. High solar radiation numbers are however offset by high temperatures in desert areas specially during summer. 
Panels must also be cleaned frequently with water due to high dust levels,
Overall 1KW solar installation net electricity production per year ranges from 1600KW in Delta region to 1800KW in Upper Egypt, after taking into account all losses due to temperature and dust.
for online information about the solar radiation map and data visit


Jan 7th 2015In Egypt we have the best Climate. 
Annual ٍSunshine hours reach 4700/year.
DNI Reach to 4300. 
Average temperature 32c.
Huge leveled deserts. 

Financial Incentives
- Feed-in tariffs and other government financial incentives


Jan 7th 2015Feed in Tariffs as Follows:
Home up to  50 Kw.                                         0.11 USD
From 51 to 200 Kw.                                         0.125 USD
From 200 to 500 Kw.                                       0.13 USD
From 500 to 20000 Kw.                                   0.136 USD
From 20000 to 50000 Kw                                0.1434 USd

Planning Requirements
- Government regulations relating to installations of solar power systems on homes and commercial buildings


Jan 7th 
Please check the web site for regulations 

Return on Investment
- What sort of return on investment can homeowners installing a solar power system expect


Jan 7th 2015From 4.5 Years up to 6 years 
Depends of the system kind & origin 

Grid Connection
- Overview of the process to get a rooftop solar power system connected to the grid


Jan 7th 2015Step 1 : Make a contract with Expert company as installer in condition to be  officially Qualified (Mention Client bank Account) .
Step 2 : Installer will submit request for license to feed in the grid by the name of Client.
Step 3 : The approval will be ready within 10 days.
Step 4 : System supply & install.
Step 5 : Electricity representative will attend the connecting to Grid and install Gross meter.
Step 6 : The Electricity company will put the revenue of feed in every 3 months at client bank account. 

Recommended Sites
- Useful non-commercial solar websites for homeowners and businesses that want to learn more


Jan 7th

Other Benefits
- Eg. Energy Performance Certificate benefits for homes in UK


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